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Beth Shak Shoes featured on Today Show

2011-07-30 04:15 by Olsdog /

When people think of Beth Shak, two things come to mind: she is a decent poker player, and she's hot. But when she appeared on the Today Show earlier in the week, she was on TV for a much different reason.

Apparently, Shak is an avid collector of shoes, and her closet is filled with over 1,200 pairs. And the Beth Shak shoes aren't just run-of-the-mill either since many of them carry designer labels.

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CBS' Today Show was so intrigued by Shak's massive shoe collection that they decided to run a segment on the subject. If you're interested in checking out her closest, here is the Today Show clip .

After looking at Shak's career poker tournament winnings, which amount to $480k, one might wonder how she can afford such an extensive collection of shoes. And while nothing has been confirmed regarding the matter, a couple of big reasons why include the fact that she was once married to both poker pro Dan Shak and a major investment banker, plus she has/had a sponsorship deal with Full Tilt Poker. All told, the female poker shark is said to be worth between $25-$30 million.


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